This is the name of a popular fairytale which is popular in Northern Europe. For those people who do not know this fairy tale, I have included it in its entirety here:


There was once a man who was traveling. He came, at last, to a beautiful big farm. It had a manor house so fine that it could easily have been a small castle. “This will be a good place to rest,» he said to himself as he went through the gate. An old man, with grey hair and beard, was chopping wood nearby. “Good evening, father” said the traveller. “Can you put me up for the night?” I’m not the father of the house,” said the old one. “Go into the kitchen and talk to my father”. The traveller went into the kitchen. There he found a man who was even older, down on his knees in front of the hearth, blowing on the fire. “Good evening, father. Can you put me up for the night? “Said the traveller “I’m not the father of the house,” said the old fellow. “But go in and talk to my father. He’s sitting by the table in the parlour”. So the traveller went into the parlour and talked to the man who was sitting by the table. He was much older than both the others were, and he sat, shivering and shaking, his teeth chattering, reading from a big book almost like a little child. “Good evening, father. Will you put me up for the night?” said the man. “I’m not the father of the house, but talk to my father, who’s sitting on the settle,” said the old man, who sat by the table, shivering and shaking, his teeth chattering. So the traveller went over to the one who was sitting on the settle, and he was busy trying to smoke a pipe of tobacco. But he was so huddled up, and his hands shook so that he could hardly hold onto the pipe. “Good evening, father,” said the traveller again. “Can you put me up for the night? » I’m not the father of the house,” replied the huddled up old fellow, “But talk to my father who is lying in the bed”. The traveller went over to the bed; and there lay and old, old man in whom there were no sign of life but a pair of big eyes. “Good evening, father .Can you put me up for the night?” said the traveller. “I’m not the father of the house, but talk to my father who’s lying in the cradle,” said the man with the big eyes. Well, the traveller went over to the cradle. There lay an ancient fellow, so shrivelled up that he was no bigger than a baby was. And there was no way of telling there was life in him except for a rattle in his throat now and then. “Good evening, father. Can you put me up for the night?” asked the man. It took a long time before he got an answer, and even longer before the fellow finished it. He said – he like all the others – that he was not the father of the house. “But talk to my father. He’s hanging in the horn on the wall”. The traveller stared up along the walls, and at last he caught sign of the horn, too. Bit when he tried to see the one who was lying in it, there was nothing to see but a little ash-white form that had the likeness of a human face. Then he was so frightened that he cried aloud: “GOOD EVENING FATHER WILL YOU PUT ME UP FOR THE NIGHT?” There was a squeaking sound up in the horn like a tiny titmouse, and it was all he could do to make out that the sound meant: “Yes, my child” Then in came a table decked with the costliest dishes, and with ale and spirits, too. And when the traveller had eaten and drunk, in came a good bed covered with reindeer hides. And he was very glad that at last he had found the true father of the house.

The fairy tale, the seventh father of the house esoteric meaning is the seven chakras or churches, were the house represents the human body. The first father is working outside of the house chopping wood for the stove whereas the second one is inside the house trying to get a fire going. Both of them are working with the fire symbolising the sexual force in man which as explained is established as our root force of vitality hence also the first chakras. Every father symbolizes each church or chakra which every practitioner must get to know and also activate in their own bodies. When this is achieved, the practitioner will see his life and himself in a different context and in a larger perspective. He will achieve a deeper and more profound happiness never ever to be found through materialism or pride. In order to get to know the seventh father of the house one has to know the six others first. When we know the seventh father of the house we are free to eat from the most precious dishes and drink from the most precious wine which is symbolic of the internal gifts we receive when activating our crown chakra. The reindeer hides given to the man are symbolic of the peace or rest achieved of opening up your chakras thus knowing your true self. This because he has established contact with his inner divinity, the inner flame we all have within which connects us all together and subsequently to something greater. Call it God or vril or the force or the absolute if you like. The sexual energy must be transformed and transmuted up the spinal column through the crown chakra and back out in the universe. Each father of the house is older than the previous one, more fragile and harder to communicate with. This symbolizes the hardship of the work which again tells that willpower and serious dedication is needed in order to know the seventh father of the house. Everybody can get to know the first two fathers of the house symbolizing the sexual nature of the first two chakras. As most people miserably throw away their sexual creative energies, it will be impossible to create a lasting relationship with the remaining fathers of the house.


The sexual force must be lifted up the spine thus energizing the chakras and forming the caduceus of Mercury or staff of Hermes

Furthermore, there are other things definitely worth mentioning when talking about this fairy tale. It is being repeated in the fairy tale the importance of knowing the real father of the house. The house is as explained yourself or your body. How many different fathers or owners exist within? Do we have consistency? Today we may hear a voice of someone inside of us which would like to be spiritual as it sounds pretty cool. Later, when we realize the work on our self which is needed we are no longer interested. Another father of the house will speak which will tell us that it is all nonsense and these guys are just crazy thus we don’t have to pay attention to it. We may have a father in our house saying how much we love our spouse today. Tomorrow, we may break apart or a horrible fight may take place were words of anger will be dominating. Where is that “I” that loved our spouse only yesterday? We may love one group of people today only to hate them next week. We have one “I” in our house telling us it is good for us to be compared with and to cherish these people. Doing so will increase our social status etc. The next week there will be another “I” in our house which identifies itself with another group it believes it would be good to be “seen” with. This new “I” will now talk badly about that previous group to benefit its standings with the new one. This is how many people live their entire lives. One million guests in our house screaming, fighting, telling us what to do and demanding our attention. The guests in our house are the different “I”s we carry within. These “I”s are the pluralized subjective ego which change from day to day, minute to minute and is the opposite of our consciousness. This bottled up pluralized ego is legion and it is the true Satan we all should be fighting against. We need to learn how to be consistent, to have a strong fundament and a real individuality not consisting of subjective “I”s. We can only learn this by experiencing our own consciousness escaped from our intellect, which most people never even experience once in their lifetimes. The result is a life lived asleep, wasted. In meditation one can experience one’s consciousness and thereby easily see all the guests in the house and what they actually are. Imagine an ordinary person living completely through his many different “I”s. He is a slave of them, he sits in the house with them to drink and fornicate. Sometimes they will fight, but he will always remain in the house with them and he will never throw them out either. The house is not the property of the man. He may think so, but it is only a lease. At one point the man will have to move even though he may not realize it. One day, the man is escorted out of the house by the landlord. He steps out of his house for the first time. The landlord is showing him all the guests and how much destruction and havoc they are doing to the house. The landlord shows the man some people which also live in the house, but the man never noticed them before. He was always too busy with his guests. The man realizes that these people have interest in the house and his personal and spiritual well-being. They are telling the man that he can move to an even better house after this if he manages to clear out the guests. These are the seven fathers of the seven chakras. Through meditation, and observation of the mind can we identify all the guests in our house which are causing us misery. The guests of the house are stealing our light and fire. Only by throwing out the unwanted guests and to meet the seven fathers can we then restore the light in our house to its proper glory. In this way we will have a solid foundation in our self, our temple and we will have serenity, peace and happiness. I hope you dear reader understands the symbolism being used here. When the unwanted guests are thrown out of the house will the light shine through the house by itself. Meditation is an effective way to step out of the house in order to see it from a different perspective. Objectivity is key in order to comprehend which of the guests in our house are stopping the light from shining through. However, if we are not genuinely interested to see our self it will be difficult to eliminate the unwanted guests when we don’t know how to identify them. The meditation can provide the light to see, but it is you who must objectively identify and throw out the guests stealing the light in your house leaving it in darkness. 100% objectivity together with total honesty and a genuine desire to change are elements needed to succeed. Very often our problem is not identifying the guests which cause havoc in our house, but to throw them out (destruction of an ego). The truth is we simply enjoy some of our guests too much even though they are not good for us. Examples of this could be excessive drinking, overindulgence of food and sex or anger. We are identified with our guests in the house and we love the sensations they can give us even though we often know it is not good for us.We can get to know the seven fathers of our house and become masters only through sexual alchemy and meditation.


Jesus Driving the Merchants from the Temple


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